The oleochemical industry is a dynamic sector that transforms natural fats and oils into diverse chemicals. This sector spans the extraction, refinement, and conversion of renewable resources like palm, soybean, and coconut oils into products like soaps, detergents, cosmetics, lubricants, and biofuels, driving the world towards sustainable solutions. Our safety shoes and boots play a crucial role in this industry, providing robust protection against workplace hazards. Designed to shield workers from potential injuries, our footwear contributes to maintaining a safe, productive environment in this vital green industry.

Numbers of non - fatal Occupational injuries on Oleochemical industry Accidents

Other Unspecified Injuries

*Provided by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), Ministry of Human Resources.

Common Workplace Injuries

Heavy Stuff Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Sprains And Fractures

Your feet should be protected in the jobsite. Our safety shoes and boots have steel toe caps, slip-resistant soles and puncture protection to keep workers safe from hazards. Lifting, pushing and pulling heavy objects can cause sprains and strains without proper footwear. Our non-slip safety shoes with ankle support and cushioning insoles help prevent sprain and fracture injuries.

Electric Shock Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Electrical Shocks

Protect workers from electrical hazards and electrocution. Our ESD safety boots and shoes feature conductive and dissipative materials that keep electrostatic discharges at safe levels. Proper grounding helps drain built up static electricity that can damage sensitive electronics or harm workers.

Falling Heavy Items Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Heavy Objects Falling

Our industrial safety boots feature composite safety toes, chemical resistant rubber soles and impact cushioning to defend workers' feet from falling objects, spills and heavy impacts. Protect feet from hazards even in noisy industrial environments. Loud machinery can make it hard to hear warnings, increasing injury risks without the proper footwear.

Falling DOwn Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Slips, Trips and Falls

Our industrial safety shoes feature oil and slip-resistant rubber outsoles, chemical resistant uppers and defined lugs that provide superior traction on slick surfaces. Protect workers from slips, trips and falls on wet or oily floors. Moving quickly on wet floors increases risk of falls without the proper footwear.

Cutting Hands Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Cutting Hazards

Protect your workers from cuts, lacerations and punctures. Our cut-resistant safety shoes feature abrasion-resistant leather or synthetic uppers lined with cut-resistant materials to defend workers feet from sharp objects, tools and Equipment. Without proper foot protection, cuts and other injuries are a risk.

Leg Injury Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Punctured by Sharp Objects

While working in a busy and hectic environment, workers can easily and accidentally step onto sharp objects lying on the floor. Our puncture resistant safety boots feature reinforced toe caps and outsoles, thick abrasion resistant uppers and steel plates to defend feet from nails, glass, scrap metal and other hazards. Without proper foot protection, injuries from punctures are a risk.

*Provided by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and Social Security Organisation (SOCSO), Ministry of Human Resources.

Aspida Footwear Safety Features

Safety Shoes Feature 1 Aspida Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Slip Resistance

Using our proprietary Geko-Grip technology our safety shoes can ensure the ultimate slip prevention in challenging environments.

Safety Shoes Feature 2 Aspida.jpg Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Abrasion Resistance

Using the toughest and most durable materials prevents our safety shoes from wearing out too quickly whilst maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Water Resistance

Keeps your feet dry and secure in the dampest of environments with our water-resistant safety shoe technology.

Safety Shoes Feature 3 Aspida.jpg Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Oil And Acid Resistance

Our safety shoes are made from materials that repel and protect against accidental oil and acid spills to keep you protected in all situations.

Safety Shoes Feature 4 Aspida Safety Shoes For Oleochemical
Safety Shoes Feature 5 Aspida Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Shock Absorption

With proper cushioning, our safety shoes provide you with the comfort to keep your feet supported during long hours at work.

Safety Shoes Feature 6 Aspida Safety Shoes For Oleochemical

Heat Resistance

Aspida Safety Shoes and safety boots provide the protection you need against a wide range of burns including chemical, fire and concrete.

List Of Certifications

Our safety shoes are inspected by the department of occupational safety and health (DOSH), SIRIM and is CE Approved. Have utmost confidence in our line of safety shoes and boots.

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