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Geko Grip is Aspida’s very own patented outsole design which offers enhanced anti-slip and overall outsole performance capabilities. Geko Grip achieves this by focusing on the following areas:-

Ultra Grip

Anti-slip is an important feature of any shoe outsole. The design of the outsole pattern and selection of materials controls the amount of anti-slip. When designing an outsole, it is important to understand the environment and surfaces the outsole will encounter. Anti-slip is also directional. A mountain hiking boot will require lateral anti-slip on rough terrain, while a safety shoe sole needs to support anti-slip over multiple terrains and over multiple work environments.
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An outsole design must have supportive features to ensure users can walk and run safely and also comfortably. Support can come from wider bases or added components such as molded plastic counters or rubber cut soles. An added cushioned insole will also help alleviate any discomfort caused by wearing the footwear for a long period of time.


Depending on the intended purpose of the shoe, the midsole and outsole will require more or less flexibility. While more flexibility is usually a good thing, too much flexibility can cause instability and lead to foot fatigue. The general rule is, the heavier the load and the rougher the terrain, the stiffer the outsole. The Geko Grip outsole is designed with just the right flexibility in mind.
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The durability requirements of an outsole will depend on the environment and tasks selected for the particular shoe. The fine leather outsoles of women dress shoes and men office shoes are perfect for the smooth stone hallways and carpets of offices, but would last only a few steps on a rainy construction site or mountain trail. For safety shoes this cannot be the case, this is where Geko Grip with all its features mentioned above will contribute to the durability and life span of the shoe.

Oil Resistance

Safety footwear needs to be appropriate to the occupation, working environment and protection requirements. Outsoles are normally made either from polyurethane (PU), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), rubber (nitrile rubber), PVC or other materials. For Geko Grip, we decided to utilise Nitrile Rubber as it is more resistant than polyurethane (PU) to oil, fuel and chemicals, and it also has a greater puncture-resistance.
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